Community Development

Stormwater Improvement Program

Stormwater Improvement is a program offered by OCRA which provides funding for cities and towns to address their stormwater systems. It was founded to provide aid to communities with little to no infrastructure, leading to flooded property and sewer backups because of inadequate stormwater management.

According to OCRA, the goals of the Stormwater Improvements Program are to:

  • Reduce flooding
  • Cut stormwater treatment and energy costs
  • Protect rivers, lakes, and vital landscape
  • Generate jobs and spur economic revitalization

Areas without stormwater systems lack proper drainage which can increase the likelihood of flooding and also lead to excess water in wastewater. We’ve helped areas analyze their added costs through combined sewer overflow and secure funding based on the realized efficiencies and flood prevention. 


Region 3A has achieved $428,800 in grant funding for Stormwater Improvement projects since 2000.

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