Economic Development


Brownfields are designated properties in which environmental remediation is required for redevelopment, expansion, or reuse to take place. These areas are commonly located on contaminated industrial sites. In many communities there are funds available to help. 

The programs offering grant funding for brownfields are highly competitive. The funding awarded to applications using a scoring system of 200 and there’s little to no margin of error. We work with our partners and the community to gather information and produce a collaborative application that meets all requirements for the best possible chance at receiving funding.

When grant funding is achieved, we handle the administration of the grant, working with the community and procuring services to accomplish remediation. We also handle the necessary paperwork related to financial management.

More Information 

Development and infrastructure policies encourage the redevelopment of brownfield properties through funding opportunities. Smart growth land use strategies can make redevelopment more cost-effective by allowing brownfield properties to redevelop with a mix of uses or encouraging more efficient land use. Allocating infrastructure spending to roads, water and sewer lines on brownfield properties can also make sites more appealing to developers.

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