Traffic Impact Reports

Traffic impact reports are conducted by a technical analysis of problems and safety issues with traffic in relation to a specific development. The TIA report identifies whether a particular development project will have an impact on the safety and efficiency of adjacent roads.

Getting a traffic impact report requires a broad-based study for development to measure the impact. It’s a complex process coordinating the data required for a report. Our team is well versed in the information required to properly assess traffic impact. 


Region 3A published a Transportation Needs Assessment.  This questionnaire was sent to all Cities, Towns and Counties in the service area.  The survey asked a number of questions related to transportation and economic development.  The Town of Avilla brought to the attention of Region Transportation Staff a fatal accident at the intersection of Old 3 and State Road 3.  This is an angled intersection approximately 1.5 miles from the center of Avilla.  

Region 3A contacted INDOT Fort Wayne’s Technical Services Director Ben Shaffer, and then followed the guidelines for a safety study. These include traffic counts of the area, a review of past accidents at the location and mitigation factors that may have contributed to the number of accidents at the location.  Possible solutions to reduce the number and severity of accidents were outlined in the report. The report was reviewed at the INDOT Fort Wayne District. The recommendation from INDOT Fort Wayne was the installation of a flashing light (beacon) at the location.  Further monitoring by Region Staff shows no fatal accidents at the location since the installation of the beacon.

The Fawn River Industrial Park located on SR 9 adjacent to the Toll Road anticipated a major expansion by an RV Manufacturer.  Region 3a prepared a traffic impact study examining the effect of approximately 400 employees to the existing traffic on SR 9.

Town of Orland Existing Roadway Extension 

As part of an Economic Development Plan, the Town of Orland proposed to extend the roadway in the Industrial Park. Meetings were held with Town Officials to determine the length and scope of the project as well as any funding the Town could provide.  Grant Funding was explored from both the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Transportation Federal Aid Grant FA-3 sources. The Town requested funds from Steuben County. The Steuben County Commissioners allocated the necessary funds for the project.  The work was performed by the Steuben County Highway Department.