Economic Development


The Economic Development Association (EDA) is a federal agency under the Department of Commerce. The EDA offers grant funding for infrastructure related projects. Region 3A works directly with them.

The EDA typically provides a 50/50 match of grant funding for infrastructure projects. However, it can more or less depend on economic factors. Private investment and community investment go a long way in making potential infrastructure projects come to fruition. We help communities leverage their resources to secure grant funding on these projects. We ensure that all of the information and criteria is provided to get the most funding available for infrastructure projects. 


Kendallville Industrial Park

Region 3A assisted the City of Kendallville on two projects that helped with the expansion of their eastside industrial park. The two projects had a combined cost of $3.3 million. Each one received an EDA grant that covered half of the construction costs associated with the projects. The first project allowed for road improvements, and the expansion of wastewater, drinking water, and storm water utilities. The second project focused strictly on road improvements. Since these projects were completed, there has been nearly $63 million in private investment in the industrial park, and 1,354 jobs that were either created or retained.  

Wabash Industrial Park

Region 3A assisted the City of Wabash in a project which lead to the development of 242 acres into an industrial park. The project involved roadway extensions, water lines, and wastewater lines. The total cost of the project was $3.7 million with an EDA grant paying for half of the cost, while the City of Wabash paid for the remaining half. As a result, there has been over $25 million of private investment in the industrial park, and 200 jobs have been created.


Region 3A has achieved $6,229,999.00 in grant funding from EDA for Construction projects since 2000. 

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