Town of Markle Comprehensive Plan Information

Markle Comprehensive Plan

The Markle Comprehensive Plan is an opportunity for everyone interested in the future of the town to share their ideas and insight. The community-driven plan will address the town’s goals and objectives on a range of topics over the next 5-10 years and recommend strategies for achieving those goals and objectives.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a foundational policy document for local governments. It establishes a framework to guide public and private decisions about future growth, development, preservation, and change, in order to meet social, economic, and environmental goals, within a municipality or county over a designated planning horizon.

The state of Indiana allows communities to adopt a comprehensive plan “for the promotion of public health, safety, morals, convenience, order, or the general welfare and for the sake of efficiency and economy in the process of development.”

Indiana Code 36-7-4-502 states that a comprehensive plan must include the following elements:

  1. A statement of objectives for the future development of the jurisdiction.
  2. A statement of policy for the land use development of the jurisdiction.
  3. A statement of policy for the development of public ways, public places, public lands, public structures, and public utilities.

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs has additional requirements for comprehensive plans. OCRA comprehensive plan requirements can be found at

Markle is developing its comprehensive plan to meet OCRA requirements so that the town may have a better opportunity when applying for federal funding distributed by OCRA.

Markle Comprehensive Plan Goals & Objectives Survey

Do you care about Markle’s future? Do you want to participate in the development of the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan?

If you answered yes, here is an opportunity to provide input. Don’t worry, this isn’t the only chance you will have to let your voice be heard. Once the Plan’s goals, objectives, and strategies are identified, you will have a chance to provide input on them via another survey. The Plan will then need to be approved by the Town Plan Commission and adopted by the Town Council. Both of these actions must occur during public hearings where you will again have opportunities to provide input.

The Markle Comprehensive Plan Public Input Survey is designed to gather initial input for use in the development of the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan. The Town is developing a new Plan because the current one, adopted in 1970, is over 50 years old. A new Plan will help guide future development and initiatives and improve opportunities for state and federal funding.

Please know that your responses are anonymous.

This survey will be open until August 21 and is administered by Region 3-A Development and Regional Planning Commission, the Town’s consultant during the comprehensive planning process. This survey may take 10-15 minutes, or longer based on the length and detail of your responses, to complete. There is not an option to save your answers and return to the survey at a later time, so please allocate enough time to complete it in one session.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Brinkman, Region 3-A Executive Director, at or 260-347-4714.
To take the survey click here.