Grow Wabash County Secures $50,000 CARES Act Funding for Program

Grow Wabash County has been awarded $50,000 in EDA CARES Act funding for a program designed to teach small Wabash County businesses skills to improve their e-commerce presence. Our team here at Region 3A will be assisting Grow Wabash County as they implement the program. We are very excited about the opportunities that this program will offer to Wabash area entrepreneurs.

E-Commerce Development Program

Grow Wabash County aims to use the funding to further cultivate the development of small businesses by providing resources for e-commerce strategy. The program will offer a variety of resources in order to teach Wabash business owners how to improve their visibility and presence in the digital landscape. The e-Commerce Development Program will be yet another valuable tool from the organization, designed to help entrepreneurs adapt, grow and maximize their existing operations.

What’s Next for Grow Wabash County’s New Program?

As a result of this grant award, the organization is currently accepting Statements of  Qualification (SOQ) from consulting firms that demonstrate knowledge and a clear aptitude  for developing effective e-commerce strategies. 

Details regarding how and when small, for-profit businesses located in Wabash County will be able to participate in this e-commerce program will be announced in late September.  

Further information on the program and a copy of the RFP can be found on the Build Your Business page.

Grow Wabash County Region 3A

EDA CARES Act Funding 

Region 3A still has funds available to assist other communities with e-commerce programs. Please contact us for additional information. 

About Grow Wabash County  

Grow Wabash County (legal name Wabash County Business Alliance Inc.) is a not-for-profit corporation  that spearheads economic and community development efforts in Wabash County, Indiana. GWC is  designed around five pillars of service – assisting business development needs, promoting livability,  fostering entrepreneurship, supporting workforce development, and offering programming and investor services. GWC was formed with the merger of the EDG of Wabash County and Wabash County Chamber  of Commerce in July 2017. For more information about GWC, please visit