DOT Funding Opportunity Announcement: Safe Streets and Roads for All

The Department of Transportation has announced the availability of $1 Billion in funding for the Safe Streets and Roads for All Grants (SS4A). The program will award grants for projects which support the National Roadway Safety Strategy local initiatives to prevent death and serious injury on roads and streets. 

The Notice of Funding Opportunity is now open, and applications will be accepted until September 15, 2022.

Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant Activities

Applies to those interested in grant funding in order to:

  • Develop or update a comprehensive safety action plan (Action Plan);
  • Conduct planning, design, and development activities in support of an Action Plan; or carry out projects and strategies identified in an Action Plan
  • Have affiliation with an eligible applicant or interested in partnering with an eligible applicant

Available Funding Overview

Eligible Recipients

  • Metropolitan planning organization (MPOs) 
  • Political subdivision of a State
  • Federally recognized Tribal government Multijurisdictional groups comprised of the entities above
  • A unit of government under the authority of State law, including cities, towns, counties, special districts, and similar units of local government.
  • A transit district, authority, or public benefit corporation if it was created under State law, including transit authorities operated by political subdivisions of a State.

We encourage those interested in applying to contact us for assistance. Region 3A will be putting together an application, and we plan to include any projects that our communities see as a good fit for the program. Please reach out to us at for more information.