Site Certified and Getting “Shovel Ready”

Having a property listed as “site certified” lets potential developers know that the space is suitable for building commercial space. The result brings more jobs to the area. As such, it’s our mission to help communities get shovel ready to make the space more marketable and advance economic development in the area.

Indiana Site Certified

The Indiana Site Certified program designates sites that are ready for economic development. Communities of any size may apply for the designation.

Indiana recognizes three tiers of readiness: Silver, Gold, and Prime.

  • The Silver tier defines boundaries with a clear title, establishes a price, demonstrates executive level local government support, defines utility capacity and distance, and provides documentation such as Phase I environmental assessment, ALTA, topographical, and property layout.
  • The Gold tier builds upon Silver by requiring a minimum of 20 contiguous acres, a location no more than 5 miles from a state highway, a completed geo tech study, a seismic hazard map, proper zoning, a desktop archaeological investigation, utilities be located to the property line or future build be located in public right-of-way, and area be free from recognized environment concerns.
  • The Prime tier builds upon Gold by requiring 30 contiguous acres, a location no more than 2.5 miles from a state highway, and an archaeological investigation. In addition, the LUG, LEDO or REDO must own the property or an option must be held with the owner.


Applications for certification are accepted on a rolling basis. Region 3-A can help you prepare and gather resources to help become Site Certified.